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Just a reminder that on ALL Wednesdays during the 2021-22 school year, DCSC students will begin school ONE HOUR LATER.  Thank you.  That time will be used for a variety of professional development initiatives, data review, team building, & more. - Mr. Shidler




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The Learning Tree Academy will be taking over for the Camp Tecumseh After School Program starting November 15, 2021!  We are very excited to continue the same great care that was being offered by Camp Tecumseh, as well as continue to grow the program. 

We will be holding a parent meeting Wednesday, November 10th at 5:30 pm in the DCES Cafeteria.

If you have been on a waiting list, we will have spaced available, come meet our staff and get signed up for after school care!  If you have any questions, you can reach out to Jennifer Coghill/Owner at thelearningtreeacademyii@gmail.com or 765-414-7863


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Recess Guidelines:

~Outside temperature ≥20°F and wind chill ≥10°F = Outside Recess
Outside temperature ≤19°F or wind chill ≤9°F = Inside Recess

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Want to read?

Delphi Community School students can borrow ebooks from the Delphi Public Library for free.
 If you need a card, email Debbie Knechtel (knechteld@delphi.k12.in.us).
We also have links to download free ebooks, with parental supervision, on our DCES Destiny/Library page. Most of these books will download to an ereader, tablet or laptop and are FREE! Many of these books are classics families can read.
Here is the direct link to our Library Page.  

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