Dismissal Procedure for Elementary Building


Dismissal Procedures for Car Riders and Neighborhood Walkers

We are seeing some great improvement regarding student safety for our car riders and neighborhood walkers. Parents are doing a great job driving around the circle, remaining in their cars and picking students up at the front doors. Out of consideration to parents who are waiting in line, we are starting car dismissal at 3:10 and we are usually through the line within 5-7 minutes. Walkers are dismissed after the last car in line pulls out of the school drive. This is a much safer approach for our pedestrians.

In addition, we are now asking all parents who park their cars and walk up to the building, to please wait in their cars until the cars in the line have left the school grounds. If you do need to enter the building before the official dismissal time, please use the call button and register at the front desk. Official dismissal time is 3:15. All children will be officially dismissed at 3:15 unless they are being picked up on the circle drive. If you do park your car, please try to park in an official parking space or down Vine Street. We have a Camden school bus that is having trouble navigating through the parked traffic in front of our building. I know some parents will be frustrated over this procedure. However, please know that student safety continues to be a priority for us. We ask that you respect our request and help us keep all pedestrians safe and limit the amount of people who enter through our school doors.