Bus Expectations


School bus drivers are to have control of all school children conveyed between the homes of the children and the school and return. The driver shall keep order, maintain discipline among the children while in the bus or along the route, shall treat all the children in a civil manner, see that no child is imposed upon or mistreated while in his/her charge, and shall use every care for the safety of the children in his/her charge. School bus drivers shall assure that all pupil passengers observe the following regulations. 

  1. Each pupil shall be located immediately upon entering the bus in the place assigned by the driver.

  2. No pupil shall stand or move from place to place during the trip.

  3. Loud, boisterous, or profane language or indecent conduct shall not be tolerated.

  4. Pupils shall not be allowed to tease, scuffle, trip, hold, hit, or use their hands or feet or body in any other objectionable manner.

  5. No windows or doors will be opened or closed except by permission of the driver.

  6. No pupil shall enter or leave the bus until it has come to a full stop and the driver has opened the door.

  7. There will be no eating or drinking by students on the bus. (Exceptions may be made for athletic and extra-curricular trips.)

  8. The pupil should be waiting at his boarding station when the bus arrives.

  9. Upon recommendation of the bus driver, school authorities may deny the privilege of riding on the bus to any pupil who refuses to conduct himself/herself in a proper manner on the bus.

  10. Do not bring unauthorized articles on the bus (i.e. pets, combustibles, large articles, and weapons).

  11. All school children while being transported on a bus shall be under the supervision, direction and control of the bus driver, and shall be subject to the discipline of the driver and school administrators. All rules contained in the high school and middle school handbooks apply to students riding a bus.


The following procedure will apply to violations of the above rules:

  1. The driver calls attention to the problem and instructs the child to correct the situation.

  2. If the problem persists, the bus driver will contact the parent and inform the appropriate building administrator.

  3. If the problem still continues, the transportation director will contact the parent and the following action may be taken:

    1. Second Offense – Parent called, one day off bus; 

    2. Third Offense – Parent called, one week off bus; 

    3. Fourth Offense – Parent called, one month off bus; and

    4. Fifth Offense - Parent contacted, student expelled from bus for the remainder of the semester. 

  1. Agreement that the student will correct his behavior (probationary status). 

  2. In-house punitive action by administrators.

  3. Temporary denial of transportation privilege (1-5 days).


Parents may request a hearing within five days after receiving notice of permanent denial of transportation for remainder of school year. The Superintendent will appoint a hearing officer. The hearing officer will conduct a hearing using the rules for hearing that are used in an expulsion hearing.


Students may not ride home with friends on another school bus nor may they get off on another bus stop other than their own.