Bus Expectations

  1. No item made partially or completely of glass is allowed on a bus, for example glass jars, baking dishes, or vases. Please keep this in mind when sending home-made projects, baked goods, etc. to school.

  2. NO Fighting on the bus

  3. NO firearms or dangerous weapon (or any item that resembles a weapon). This includes such items as guns, pocket knives, toy guns, squirt guns, rubber knives, etc. A student who brings any such item on the bus will be suspended immediately.

  4. NO sparking devices including matches and lighters are permitted on bus. Obscene gestures, profanity or threats directed at the bus driver.

  5. No Vandalizing or destroying district or private property. Parents are monetarily responsible for any damage their student may cause.

  6. NO laser pens on the school bus. If a student is found in possession of a laser pen, the driver will take possession of it. It is illegal to point or direct the beam of the laser in the driver’s eye or mirror—in the event this occurs, legal action and suspension will occur.

  7. NO theft

  8. No extortion, intimidation, assault or harassment

  9. Any conduct that endangers the passengers on the bus.